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Quyền Linh - Cát Tường cười ngất vì cặp đôi có gu 'độc - lạ' | Hòa Bình - Minh Nguyệt | BMHH 148 😆

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Độ dài: 00:12:43 Ngày tải lên: 2016 Mar 07
Miêu tả: Quyen Linh - Cat Tuong laugh out loud because of the unique style of the couple | Hoa Binh - Minh Nguyet | BMHH 148😆 ✅ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeBanMuonHenHo ✅ Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Banmuonhenho Playlist the BMHH - FULL set: http://bit.ly/PlaylistBMHH-FULL Playlist for each couple: http://bit.ly/playlistBanMuonHenHo 🎬 Content: This young couple Hoa Binh - Minh Nguyet is extremely compatible when they share about hobbies of going to the beach, keeping chickens, planting vegetables, etc. This unique style make the match-makers laugh out loud. 💡 Search syntax: bạn muốn hẹn hò, ban muon hen ho, ban muon hen ho tap 148, ban muon hen ho 148, ban muon hen ho #148, bmhh tap 148, bmhh #148, bmhh 148 📺 Introduction: “Wanna date” is a famous TV series has successfully helped for thousand couples. The young people who expect to find “their soul mate” will send the registration. Base on the characteristic, personality and requirements for “their soul mate”, the organization department will find the most suitable one to match them together. While recording at studio, both of them will talk to understand each other and move towards dating. The most interesting is two characters will be separated by curtain and they will not be allowed to see each other until they finish the conversation. After that, they will have 2 minutes to see each other and decide if they will date or not. 🔔 Broadcast time: - 2 episodes with 4 different couples every week. + HTV7: 15H20 Sunday & 22H45 Monday. - Otherwise, there are two rebroadcast time: + HTV7: repeat on 8H00 Tuesday. + HTV9: repeat on 8H40 on Thursday. 🚩 Tracking information about WANNA DATE? : 💠Register by HOTLINE: 0916.861.099 (Working hours) 💠 How to apply: http://bit.ly/HuongDanDangKi-BMHH 💠 How to join "Wanna Date" ONLINE: http://bit.ly/ThamGiaBMHH-MaiMoiOnline 📧 Email: banmuonhenho@gmail.com 🌐 Website: http://mcv.com.vn 🌐 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/MCVMedia https://www.youtube.com/MCVTV 🌐 Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/MCVMedia http://www.dailymotion.com/MCVTV

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