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【melost】Poker Face【天月 x はしやん】

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Độ dài: 00:03:21 Ngày tải lên: 2012 Jul 20
Miêu tả: [re-upload because PV was released] Poker Face covered by Amatsuki and Hashiyan / 天月とはしやん --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The audio and image are not mine at all. I only placed the audio, image, and text together. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poker Face is track 10 on Amatsuki's solo debut album, Melodic Note。Technically it's not supposed to be here in public, so I ask of you not to download it from a Youtube to mp3 downloader. I also haven't included the link to the mp3 for the same reason. If this video gets taken down, I won't put it back up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm currently creating a PV for Hashiyan / はしやん's "Space Radio," featured on an utaite collab album, "Colorful Mic". I really like the song, but it will have the same guidelines as this video. I hope I can upload it quickly!

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