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Độ dài: 00:03:36 Ngày tải lên: 2018 Sep 07
Miêu tả: E X C L U S I V E - VIDEO PREMIERE - WORLDWIDE !!! CANINE - TOXIC - HARDCORE WORLDWIDE "Toxic" taken from the upcoming album "Bleak Vision" set to release on September 14th via Bacillus Records. L-Y-R-I-C-S: TOXIC Vers: Someone opened up my cage Now I´am free Consequences seemed unreal No amnesty Took a bite from the plate of suffering Tasted like dirt a bad offering I refuse I refuse to buy Reach for my hand This will make you cry Ref.: Unified Justified We´re cutting of our hands For someone elses plans Unified Vers: What a counterfeit We have to live with it You can only be as real As your counterpart is So hold on So hold on to it Maybe someday you appreciate Appreciate what you never had Took a bite from the plate And it tastes like dirt I refuse I refuse to die I reach for your hand This one made me cry Ref.: Unified Justified We´re cutting our hands For someone elses plans Unified Bridge: We remove our inner circles To be take in the machine The machine will cut our memories So we will slave nice and clean The big M becomes our purpose Our life stinks like a lie But as long as we got gadgets The lie is easier to defy Our lifestyle makes us sick At least this sickness is for real There is no one else to lean on They all forgot how to feel We got cut up from our origins And now we stumble through our lifes This mess you call adulthood Is the disease from what we´ll die - Tourdates - 28.09. - Frankfurt/Exzess 29.09. - Hof/Luftkeller 30.09. - Göttingen/JUZ 01.10. - Würzburg/Cairo 02.10. - Hamburg/Pooca Bar 04.10. - tba. 05.10. - Marburg/Szenario 06.10. - Rheine/Trinkhalle 07.10. - Münster/Barrake 08.10. - Gießen/AK44 09.10. - Comutov (CZ)/Huhác 10.10. - Prag (CZ)/Cross Club 11.10. - Kolin (CZ)/Pod Hodinama 12.10. - Berlin/K19 13.10. - tba. 26.10. - Lüdenscheid/AJZ 27.10. - Nürtingen/JaB 28.10. - Mannheim/JUZ 09.11. - Görlitz/Juz Basta 10.11. - Liberic (CZ)/Asyl 16.11. - Frankfurt/The Cave 17.11. - Rosswein/JuHa 30.11. - tba. 01.12. - Hannover/Stumpf 07.12. - Zwickau/Barrikade 08.12. - Siegen/Kultkaff 23.03. - Salzgitter/Forellenhof - Videocredits - Director, DoP, Edit, Camera Operator: Manoel Altenau Assistent: Marcus Buhl Make-Up: Carina Ilko FOLLOW US ON & MORE INFOS: https://www.caninehc.com https://caninepunk.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/caninemusic HARDCORE WORLDWIDE - HxCxWxW http://twitter.com/worldwidehc http://www.hardcore-worldwide.com http://www.youtube.com/hcworldwide https://plus.google.com/+hcworldwide https://www.facebook.com/hcworldwide LOOK AT: METAL WORLDWIDE - MWW http://metal-world-wide.com https://www.facebook.com/MWWofficial https://plus.google.com/+metalworldwide GOTHIC WORLDWIDE - GWW http://www.gothic-worldwide.com https://twitter.com/gothicworldwide https://plus.google.com/+gothicworldwide https://www.facebook.com/gothicworldwide #HCWW #NYHC #MWW #GWW

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